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We specialise in extracting that information and helping companies understand
the actions they need to take to be more profitable, to grow faster, and to
achieve whatever other objectives they may have.

We specialise in helping businesses to be make more profits and pay less tax.

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  • Last Date Of Sales Tax Returns Is 15th Day Of Every Month

  • Last Date Of Monthly Withholding Tax Statements Is 15th Day Of Every Month

  • "When dealing with clients, I believe the most important things are quality of service and clarity of advice. I believe Bin Faraz Law Chamber offers both of these and I’m happy to refer my clients to them.”

    EMAAR Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
  • "An excellent Firm to deal with, highly responsive and thorough in their approach to all tax related matters.
    Very pleased to recommend them".

    3 Biz Telecom (Pvt) Limited
  • "Could I just say thank you to you all for your help, advice but most of all patience in assisting us. I will happily recommend your services to everyone I can as I think it would be very difficult to beat."

    Naktec International (Pvt) Limited
Our Clients
EMAAR Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
Frontier Ceramics
Advanced Mobile
Aireng Industries
Islamabad GymKhana (Pvt) Ltd

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